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Product Investigation

As part of our food tech unit we have been looking at different drinks that are already on the market. We analysed each sample on taste, colour, texture and smell. We learned lots about our tastebuds and different tastes.

Milk Benefits

Links to help you with this weeks project:

Camp Highlights

Room 5 Sand Duning

Here is a video of our escapades at camp down the sand dunes! Thanks Miss Simpson for making this video!


We had the best time at the Disco! Thanks Student Council!

Hypertufa Pots!

We have made our hypertufa pots this week. Now we wait for them to dry! We had all of our safety gear on to make sure that we don't breathe in the concrete. It was a lot of messy fun!

Disco - Week 2!

Pet Day 2016

For Pet Day this year we will be making hypertufa pots and animal magnets.

Hypertufa pots:
What you'll need to bring from home:

  • Old clothes
  • A large jar (to create the inside of the pot)
  • Any shells etc you would like to use for decoration 
Animal Magnets:

What you'll need to bring from home:
  • Any extra decorating things you would like to use (feathers, wool, etc)
  • Miss Main will have paint, magnets, pegs, foam to cut out shapes and some other bits and bobs

Senior Social

We had a great time at the social on Wednesday night! We all scrubbed up pretty well!

Wheels Day Highlights

We had a great day even if the weather did't play our game! Thanks to Miss Simpson and the Student Council for another fantastically run event!

Most Improved Rugby Player!

Well done Regan on achieving this fantastic award! Room 5 is very proud of you!

Fun with Photos

Today we had fun looking for letters around the school to make our name. After that, we used the photo editing app, Be Funky, to add effects. Then, we put our photos together on Pic Collage to spell out our name.

- Shelby

Wheels Day is Coming!

Buddy Time

On Wednesday afternoon we took our speeches down to Room 1 for a bit of a practice. We are becoming a lot more confident when speaking in front of an audience. Thanks for the help Room 1. We also had lots of fun playing charades!

Social Dances!

To practice at home!

Book Trailers

This week in Literacy, we have been creating trailers for our chapter books that we enjoy. It has been a fun way to share some of our favourite books with other people! Let us know what you think!

Turners Sport

Solids to Liquids

We have been learning about different forms of matter. As an experiment yesterday we put some ice in a beaker and took a time lapse video as it melted. We learned that water has a freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius. At this temperature water changes state from a liquid to a solid OR a solid to a liquid.


On Wednesday we got set a challenge by Miss Main to create a human table. We all thought it was impossible but by the end of the afternoon, everyone had showed perseverance and had been successful! We felt incredibly proud and wanted to show our new trick to everyone!

Colyton Sports Exchange

From Room 5's Sports desk:

Not going to Break Me!

Today we have written some poetry based on the BBC sport advert for the Olympics. Here is Jade's writing that we think is pretty awesome!
If I were...
If I were a cheetah, I'd be as fast as can be!
If I were a fox, I'd jump and be free!
If I were a crocodile, a blur is all I'd see!
If I were and orangutan, I'd knock the ball right at their knee!

Year 6 Mathex Team

Well done to these four fantastic children who represented Halcombe School at the regional Mathex competition. You have all worked so hard and to come equal fourth is a great achievement! We are all very proud of you!

Maths Week

This week was maths week. As part of the celebrations, Rooms 2-6 took part in a maths trail. The questions were tricky and we had to work together as a team. Well done to this team who got the most questions right - you guys must have had some Smartbix for breakfast!

Halcombe School Olympics


On Wednesday, Room 6 organised a fantastic afternoon of fun and challenging activities. There were 7 activities that we got to take part in. We had such a great afternoon. Thanks so much Room 6 for your leadership at each activity!



The First NZ Olympic Team

In our Literacy groups we have been learning about the very first NZ Olympic Team. 1920 was an important year because it was the first Olympics that NZ had competed as an individual country. It was made up of 4 people (swimmer, rower, hurdler and sprinter). We have created some informative posters on some of the members of this history making team.

In the Navy

On Wednesday morning Room 5 and 6 had a special visitor from the Navy. His name is Ashley Biddle. His job in the Navy is a communication specialist. This means that he communicates with other ships using flags and lights. He told us the important skills that you learn in the Navy and a little bit about his journey. Before he left he taught us how to march. This is what he taught us...
Josh and Tommy


I wondered if the helicopter would leave massive hollow holes in the bright green grass! (Jack)

I saw millions of happy faces looking at the ripples being made in the fresh grass. (Jessie)

I felt the hurricane of wind building up momentum, as it sped into my face, the icy coldness biting into my veins, freezing them for eternity. (Cameron)

I wondered if the deadly sharp propellers would come off and decapitate me. (Tommy)

I squinted into the blinding sunlight as four enormous helicopter blades sliced through the air like a knife. (Heather)

A Moment in Time

A Moment In Time!

Image result for skateboard trick stairs
I hear the apparent intentness of my friends watching me.
I see my elusive board gliding effortlessly and soundlessly along the ground.
I feel the slow breeze rushing into my already weather beaten face, withered out by the natural elements.
I wondered if I would land this perfected work of art.

 - Cameron

Term 3 Gymnastics

Yesterday we had our first gymnastics session. We have set ourselves goals and are looking forward to showing perseverance when learning new skills.

Last Buddy Time for Term 2!

Today we had our last buddy time for Term 2. We taught our buddies how to play patter tennis. It was good to see Room 1's coordination. We had a great time playing with you!

Mmmmmm Burgers!

Thanks student council for our delicious lunch!

PJ Day!

Look how hard we are working even in our PJs! No slacking off in Room 5!

Interhouse Quiz!

Yesterday we had the inter house quiz! Some of the questions were pretty tough. Thanks Miss Simpson for organising it for us! We had lots of fun. Well done Matai on coming in first place!

Breaking News!

The 'unsinkable ship' has met its watery grave! Click below for more information!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

This week we have been pretending to be news reporters in 1912. We have written factual articles on the sinking of the Titanic. Here is one example!

Buddy Time

Today we had buddy time with Room 1. First off we helped them with their direction by leading them with blindfolds on. Then we had a bit of fun having a game of dodgeball! Lots of fun on a gloomy Thursday afternoon!

PJ and Burger Day!

PJ and Burger day is coming up! Make sure to get those orders in! Yummo!


We have been learning about the Maori myth of how Maui fished up New Zealand. We have use Lego Movie to retell the story. Here they are:
Cameron, Regan and Tommy:
Holly, Freda, Bethany and Alyssa:
Kai, Tarn, Logan and Jack:
Blake, Josh, Ngawaka, Anna and Heather:

40 Hour Famine

Lots of children did the 40 Hour Famine last weekend! Today, Zoe and Brenna made a movie to show all of the photos that were sent in of us.

Maths in Room 5!

In Room 5 for maths we do lots of different things like our fact track, book work, workshops, mathletics, and QR codes. In these photos people are doing their fact track. For our fact track we have a subject we need to get better at like subtraction facts. We are also doing book work. Book work is either copying our work from an ipad or the modelling book.  

Written by Anna & Jessie

Ocean Animals

We have been learning about the different ocean zones and animals that live in each. We have created research posters of an animal that interests us. Have a look at what we have created!

Getting ready for Pirate Day!!!!!!!

Today we spent the afternoon getting ready for pirate day!!!! We had such a good time creating swords! Thanks to the parents who gave up their valuable time to come and help us do the cutting!!!!!

Wheels Day

The weather managed to hold for Wheels Day on Thursday. We had lots of fun in the puddles!!!!!


Flappy Bird

Hour of Code


Hour of Code

Our Garden Festival Entry!

Check out our awesome entry to the Garden Festival!!!!!!! Lots of hard work by our awesome Halcombe kids!!!! If your there in the weekend - be sure to give us a vote!

2 Exciting Events!!!!!!!

This term we have 2 very exciting events coming up!!!! Mark them in your calendar :)

Geometry Follow Up

Image result for reflection clipart

Adaptation ERPs

We showed so much talent doing our ERPs this time around! We spoke a lot more confidently and were well prepared! Well done Room 5 for completing these to a high standard!!!!!!!

Colour Day

Well done to everyone for their fantastic efforts on colour day! It was so much fun watching the parade and seeing those fizzy spider smiles :) We raised a lot for sports equipment to go to Fiji! Well done Halcombe School!!!!!!

Colour Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!