WALT be a good reading coach!!!!

This week we have been learning what it means to be a good reading coach. It is important that we don't tell our buddy what the word is when they are stuck. We have developed the skills to help our buddy decode the words. Thanks for having us Room 1. It's great to put our skills into practise!!!!

Self Managing Goals

During camp, we discussed how we can be self-managing learners. We did lots of work around managing our learning, behaviour and belongings. Each of us has set 3 goals to work on this term around managing ourself. We have presented our work as balloons because if we work hard to meet our goals we can fly high with learning!!!!!!!!

Life's a Beach!

We had a GREAT day at the beach today!!!! Some of us got a bit wetter than planned but we dried off pretty quick in the beautiful sunshine! Thanks to all of the parents who helped to transport kiddos! Also, thanks to Foxton Beach for putting on superb weather! I'm sure your kids will have lots to fill you in on when they get home!!!!!!!!

WHO AM I?!?!?!

We have been learning to use the app Pic Collage on the iPads. We have created some fun posters about ourselves. See if you can work out who each poster is :)

Read to Self and Work on Writing Update!!!!!!

Today we worked on getting better at Read to Self AND Work on Writing!

Our good news is........WE MET OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!

We read/wrote for 15 minutes straight!!!!!!! We kept our eyes on our work, we were focused on our mahi, we were quiet, we didn't distract others, we stayed in our spot and we are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Read to Self

As part of our literacy time we do Read to Self. This is a time for us to really get our teeth into a book that we enjoy! We do Read to Self so that we can get better at reading and writing! Here are some pictures we took after we decided where we could sit in the room.

 Today we think we did the following things well:

  • Keeping our eyes on the book
  • Keeping our volume at silent
  • Not disturbing others
  • Staying focussed and being sensible
As a class we managed to do 8 minutes of Read to Self. Our goal is to be able to do 15 minutes by the end of the week! We'll keep you posted on our progress!