Colour Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Literacy in Room 5

We work hard on our independent learning!!!!!!!


Well done Room 5 - we are the 7th top Mathletics class in New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buddy Class Small Ball Skills

On Friday, we took our little buddies out to help them with their Small Ball Skills. We had so much fun helping them with their throwing and catching! Thanks Mrs Buckley for organising such fun activities for a Friday afternoon!!!!!

Fact Track

Congratulations to Ben who has passed all of the blue Fact Track and is now working on learning his green Fact Track!!!!! Who will be the next to pass??????

5 Animal Kingdoms

Today we have been learning about the 5 Animal Kingdoms. They are Animals, Plants, Protists, Fungi, and Bacteria. We learned about the features of each kingdom and how they are the same and how they are different. Check out the link to learn more Study Jams!

Here are our Pic Collages about what we have learned!


Over the past few days we have been looking at perspective and how to create some funny photos using perspective. We planned our work and the worked as a group to achieve some amazing results. Let us know what you think :)

Healthy Me ERP Presentations

On Friday we presented our first ERPs (Educational Research Projects) to the rest of the class. Although we were a bit rushed this time around we have learned lots about being healthy and have learned some valuable research skills.
Our next ERPs will be on the living world - I can't wait to see what we can learn!

Buddy Class

On Friday we helped Room 1 learn how to log in and navigate Mathletics. We really tried hard not to take over and let them learn for themselves. We love these opportunities to help our little buddies!

Junior Boys Swimming Champ

Congratulations to Jack on a fantastic effort at Swimming Sports yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

Senior Swimming Sports!

Yesterday was the senior swimming sports. Everyone tried their hardest and the encouragement was awesome! Thanks to Miss Simpson who organised a fantastic event!

Cyber Safety

Today Constable Cree came to talk to us about internet safety. In our changing world this is an extremely important thing for us to be aware of! I can check out this link to learn more: NetSmartz

We have learned:
  • To never share your email password with people
  • If someone is bullying you tell an adult that you trust
  • You can send messages through your X-box
  • Don't post a photo that you wouldn't show your grandma
  • Don't share any personal information 
  • Be careful with Snapchat
  • If someone is bullying you online you need to keep the messages so you can give it as evidence
  • If someone is bullying you online you should not respond so that they will stop what they are doing