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This week we have been pretending to be news reporters in 1912. We have written factual articles on the sinking of the Titanic. Here is one example!

Buddy Time

Today we had buddy time with Room 1. First off we helped them with their direction by leading them with blindfolds on. Then we had a bit of fun having a game of dodgeball! Lots of fun on a gloomy Thursday afternoon!

PJ and Burger Day!

PJ and Burger day is coming up! Make sure to get those orders in! Yummo!


We have been learning about the Maori myth of how Maui fished up New Zealand. We have use Lego Movie to retell the story. Here they are:
Cameron, Regan and Tommy:
Holly, Freda, Bethany and Alyssa:
Kai, Tarn, Logan and Jack:
Blake, Josh, Ngawaka, Anna and Heather:

40 Hour Famine

Lots of children did the 40 Hour Famine last weekend! Today, Zoe and Brenna made a movie to show all of the photos that were sent in of us.

Maths in Room 5!

In Room 5 for maths we do lots of different things like our fact track, book work, workshops, mathletics, and QR codes. In these photos people are doing their fact track. For our fact track we have a subject we need to get better at like subtraction facts. We are also doing book work. Book work is either copying our work from an ipad or the modelling book.  

Written by Anna & Jessie

Ocean Animals

We have been learning about the different ocean zones and animals that live in each. We have created research posters of an animal that interests us. Have a look at what we have created!