A Moment in Time

A Moment In Time!

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I hear the apparent intentness of my friends watching me.
I see my elusive board gliding effortlessly and soundlessly along the ground.
I feel the slow breeze rushing into my already weather beaten face, withered out by the natural elements.
I wondered if I would land this perfected work of art.

 - Cameron

Term 3 Gymnastics

Yesterday we had our first gymnastics session. We have set ourselves goals and are looking forward to showing perseverance when learning new skills.

Last Buddy Time for Term 2!

Today we had our last buddy time for Term 2. We taught our buddies how to play patter tennis. It was good to see Room 1's coordination. We had a great time playing with you!

Mmmmmm Burgers!

Thanks student council for our delicious lunch!

PJ Day!

Look how hard we are working even in our PJs! No slacking off in Room 5!

Interhouse Quiz!

Yesterday we had the inter house quiz! Some of the questions were pretty tough. Thanks Miss Simpson for organising it for us! We had lots of fun. Well done Matai on coming in first place!

Breaking News!

The 'unsinkable ship' has met its watery grave! Click below for more information!