On Wednesday we got set a challenge by Miss Main to create a human table. We all thought it was impossible but by the end of the afternoon, everyone had showed perseverance and had been successful! We felt incredibly proud and wanted to show our new trick to everyone!

Colyton Sports Exchange

From Room 5's Sports desk:

Not going to Break Me!

Today we have written some poetry based on the BBC sport advert for the Olympics. Here is Jade's writing that we think is pretty awesome!
If I were...
If I were a cheetah, I'd be as fast as can be!
If I were a fox, I'd jump and be free!
If I were a crocodile, a blur is all I'd see!
If I were and orangutan, I'd knock the ball right at their knee!

Year 6 Mathex Team

Well done to these four fantastic children who represented Halcombe School at the regional Mathex competition. You have all worked so hard and to come equal fourth is a great achievement! We are all very proud of you!

Maths Week

This week was maths week. As part of the celebrations, Rooms 2-6 took part in a maths trail. The questions were tricky and we had to work together as a team. Well done to this team who got the most questions right - you guys must have had some Smartbix for breakfast!

Halcombe School Olympics


On Wednesday, Room 6 organised a fantastic afternoon of fun and challenging activities. There were 7 activities that we got to take part in. We had such a great afternoon. Thanks so much Room 6 for your leadership at each activity!



The First NZ Olympic Team

In our Literacy groups we have been learning about the very first NZ Olympic Team. 1920 was an important year because it was the first Olympics that NZ had competed as an individual country. It was made up of 4 people (swimmer, rower, hurdler and sprinter). We have created some informative posters on some of the members of this history making team.

In the Navy

On Wednesday morning Room 5 and 6 had a special visitor from the Navy. His name is Ashley Biddle. His job in the Navy is a communication specialist. This means that he communicates with other ships using flags and lights. He told us the important skills that you learn in the Navy and a little bit about his journey. Before he left he taught us how to march. This is what he taught us...
Josh and Tommy


I wondered if the helicopter would leave massive hollow holes in the bright green grass! (Jack)

I saw millions of happy faces looking at the ripples being made in the fresh grass. (Jessie)

I felt the hurricane of wind building up momentum, as it sped into my face, the icy coldness biting into my veins, freezing them for eternity. (Cameron)

I wondered if the deadly sharp propellers would come off and decapitate me. (Tommy)

I squinted into the blinding sunlight as four enormous helicopter blades sliced through the air like a knife. (Heather)