Senior Social

We had a great time at the social on Wednesday night! We all scrubbed up pretty well!

Wheels Day Highlights

We had a great day even if the weather did't play our game! Thanks to Miss Simpson and the Student Council for another fantastically run event!

Most Improved Rugby Player!

Well done Regan on achieving this fantastic award! Room 5 is very proud of you!

Fun with Photos

Today we had fun looking for letters around the school to make our name. After that, we used the photo editing app, Be Funky, to add effects. Then, we put our photos together on Pic Collage to spell out our name.

- Shelby

Wheels Day is Coming!

Buddy Time

On Wednesday afternoon we took our speeches down to Room 1 for a bit of a practice. We are becoming a lot more confident when speaking in front of an audience. Thanks for the help Room 1. We also had lots of fun playing charades!

Social Dances!

To practice at home!

Book Trailers

This week in Literacy, we have been creating trailers for our chapter books that we enjoy. It has been a fun way to share some of our favourite books with other people! Let us know what you think!

Turners Sport

Solids to Liquids

We have been learning about different forms of matter. As an experiment yesterday we put some ice in a beaker and took a time lapse video as it melted. We learned that water has a freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius. At this temperature water changes state from a liquid to a solid OR a solid to a liquid.