Happy Holidays

Another year has come to an end at Halcombe School. We wish you and your family a happy festive season. Thank you so much for all of your support over the year!

Room 4 2017 - Over and out!

Slip and Slide

On Tuesday when it's hot, how else do we spend the afternoon....

Fun Sports Day

What a busy day at Halcombe School. The teachers organised some great activities and we had the weather to match! After all of our fun we enjoyed a thrilling game of adults vs Students cricket!

Week 8 - Disco

Caleb, Jay and Kaleb

Here is our documentary about our camp.

Lincoln, Christian and George

Here is our documentary about Room 4's Foxton Beach camp!

Jock and Caleb

Here is our documentary about Room 4's camp at Foxton Beach!

Halcombe School Touch

Thanks to all of our fantastic coaches and supporters! We are loving playing touch on a Thursday afternoon!

Buddy Long Ball

On Friday afternoon, we took our little buddies out to teach them a new game. It was great to see the kids helping each other and explaining the rules. What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon!

Group Writing

Image result for robot clipart

Today we started looking at a creative writing unit. As part of our introduction to the unit, we wrote group stories. (each person writes a sentence then passes the pen on)

Here is an example of what we came up with:
My new friend is a robot and his name is Frank. He likes to help people with jobs. One day he betrayed me by destroying the town. I went to a factory to ask a scientist to re-programme him to be a good robot. Frank rebuilds the town and he builds lots of shops. The next day he went shopping for some new high heels and make up.
(Rylie, Maggie, Olivia, Hannah and Jock)

Sometimes it can be tricky accepting others ideas and where they want the story to go. A very interesting activity!

Force and Friction

Today we have been experimenting with different surfaces and how friction changes how fast an object moves. We picked 8 different surfaces to roll a marble across. We worked out that the marble moved faster along the smoother surfaces. In science, this means the less friction from the surface the faster the movement!

Cross Country 2017!

The weather was great! The mud was muddy! The course was tough! Well done to everyone who achieved their goals for Cross Country this year!
Room 4 Results:
Year 4-5 girls: Ruby (1st), Abbie (2nd) and Annabel (4th)
Year 4-5 boys: Caleb K (4th) and Jay (5th)
These people will represent Halcombe School at the Hunterville Cross Country on Friday this week.

Pet Day 2017

Today was Pet Day at Halcombe School. Room 4 did really well!
Maggie: 4th Care and Attention - Senior Other Pets
Anna S: 2nd Care and Attention - Senior Dog
Sophie: 1st Care and Attention - Senior Other Pets
Anna D: 2nd Care and Attention - Beef Calf, 4th Care and Attention - Senior Calf
Rylie: 3rd Care and Attention - Senior Other Pets
Annabel: 2nd Care and Attention - Senior Other Pets
Ruby: 1st Beef Calf, 4th Leading - Senior Calf

Our Indoor Exhibits were also great!
Rock Farms: 1st Ruby, 2nd Mikayla, 3rd Lincoln
Bird Feeders: 1st Annabel, 2nd Olivia, 3rd Sophie

Thanks for everyone for coming along to support this great event!

Pet Day

We're ready for pet day! See you tomorrow!

Pet Day Indoor Exhibits

We have been working hard on our Indoor exhibits for Pet Day! Please make sure you stop by to take a look next Wednesday!

Interhouse Quiz

Yesterday we had the 2017 Interhouse Quiz. There were some tricky questions and lots of great team work. Thanks Miss Simpson for a great afternoon.

How to be a Halcombe Hero!

How to be a Halcombe Hero!

How to be a Halcombe Hero!

How to be a Halcombe Hero!

How to be a Halcombe Hero!

How to be a Halcombe Hero!

How to be a Halcombe Hero!


We have had our last session of gym. We have had such a good time learning to become more confident on different apparatus. Thanks to all of our parent helpers who showed up each week to support us!

Wheels Day

Well we finally got some fine weather for wheels day at Halcombe School. Not too many injuries but some amazing tricks shared! Well done whanau!

Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

We have been learning about what different classroom objects are in Te Reo. Here are some of our Pic Collages we have created to share our learning.


Wheels and Burgers - Wednesday 20th September

Heroes in our lives!

We have been looking at the different people that inspire us. We have done a little research project about them and how they fit into our Halcombe School AAA Values. Today, we shared our learning with our buddy class.

Next week, we will be creating mini documentaries about how we can be a Halcombe Hero! Watch this space!

Assembly Week 6

What an assembly we had last week! So many of our Room 4 heroes were showing their skills off to the community!

Check Abbie, Ruby and George in the gym display:

PJ and Hot Chocolate!

It my have been PJ day at Halcombe School yesterday but there was no slacking off in Room 4. We worked hard all day and definitely deserved our hot chocolate and marshmallows at lunch time! Thanks student council.

PJ and Hot Chocolate Day

South Mak Sport Exchange

What a day! It was cold and wet - perfect for winter sport! What a day for tries and tackles! Even though it was miserable we all had fun! Great teamwork and sportsmanship by both sides!

I wonder...

We have been learning about what makes a hero. We have recorded our wonderings about heroes. This will lead to our individual projects later in the term!

Maths Week!

As part of maths week, we held a mini Mathex competition. Thanks to our 'experts' for running this great event! Well done to Ruby's team which came 3rd, Mikayla's team which came 2nd and Jock's team which came 1st! What a great way to put our mathematician skills to the test!


Well done to Room 4's mathematicians. These 4 made up the year 5 Mathex team which came third equal! Well done guys! We are very proud!

Buddy Time

Today we met up with Room 7 for Buddy Time. Miss Main and Mrs Turner set us a challenge of creating a 'flying object' using only the materials that they provided. We worked hard on our creations, even if one or two ended up on the roof during our test flights. We showed lots of perseverance, patience and cooperation. We all created awesome 'planes' with our group. Mahi pai everyone!


Today we weren't able to cross group for maths so Miss Main set us up to do some computer coding. Working on using Blockly will help us with our problem solving. We learned how to get a computer program to do what we have taught us. We needed to show perseverance and determination. Some of us even needed to work on our patience. Now we have completed our Hour of Code!

Check out what George created here!

Inquiry Survey

Image result for thumbs up emoji

Tough Kids

Our room 4 tough kids did a top job today! Well done guys! 

New Zealand Playhouse

Puss n Boots Gets the Crowd Laughing!

This morning we had some special guests from NZ PlayHouse come and perform and excellent play called “Puss ‘n’ Boots, Pet Detective”. It was a great play, and it had a moral: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The play was about Puss ‘n’ Boots trying to solve the case of Bear Today Gone Tomorrow or the kidnapping of Justin Baby Bearber. The result of the show was excellent. We would give the show 4 out of 5 stars.

Turbo Time

Earthquake Workshops

We have been learning about earthquakes for the past 5 weeks. We have taken all of our learning and created workshops that we presented to the junior school today. They asked some curly questions that really got us thinking. We are the earthquake experts at Halcombe School!

Disco Madness

Thanks to the Student Council for putting on another fantastic event!

Number Bonds

Number Bonds

Buddy Class Big Balls

Black Day


Earthquake Safe Structures

1.45 pm: We are currently using pasta and marshmallows to create structures. We are then going to test them in out 'jelly earthquake'. The winner will be the tallest structure that's still standing. Check back here for updates!

2.30 pm: And the winner is.........
Ruby and Abbie!

We have learned that triangle bases are stronger than square bases. We now understand why houses have cross bars in their foundations. 

What a messy but fun project!



Yesterday we had our first basketball lessons with Coach Miles. He will be here to teach us new skills on a Tuesday.

New App

We have been learning how to use a new app on the iPads. Today we were just having a play to see learn how to use it. The boys created a dino battle. We think it is pretty cool.

Black Day

Maui and the Sun

Image result for maui and the sun ebook

Senior Wheels Day Highlights

Thursday Morning Fun

At the marae, we had a go on stilts. Mrs Simpson has arranged for us to have some at school. This morning we had a great laugh giving them a go!

Wheels and Spider Day


Image result for see you there clipartRoom 4 are hosting assembly this week. Come and see what great things we have been up to so far this term. Remember assembly starts promptly at 2.30 on Friday.