Ruby, Annabel, Mikayla and Abbie

Our scenario was that Annabel was giving out cookies for her birthday but didn't give one to Abbie. Abbie decided to share her feelings and concerns. Check us out!

Caleb, Kaleb and Lincoln

Our scenario was a person being mean about someone failing a spelling test. We decided it was important to try our own strategies before we got the teacher. This is what we would do!

Maggie, Sophie, Jay and Matthew

Our scenario was: People were telling lies about other people's friends. We decided this was a 'minor' and tried some of our conflict resolution strategies.

Dealing with Conflict

We have been looking at different ways to deal with conflict. We have decided that some conflicts are 'minors' and we can try and use our own strategies. We have agreed that some are 'majors' and we need help to solve it effectively. We are making movies about different strategies we could use to deal with minors. Caleb, George and Jock were the first ones done. Have a look at what they have created.
More to come...

We Have Had a Great Day

Camp Day 1

Room 4 are already hard at work already! We are preparing for a great camp. Thanks to Miss Main's kitchen helpers! Here they are hard at work!

Life Ed

We had our first visit to see Tim and Harold today. We learned about our body and what an amazing thing it is. 

Buddy Swim

On Friday Room 7/8 and Room 4 had a great time at the pool. It was great way to spend our first buddy time for 2017!

Portrait of a Room 4 Kid!

We have been discussing the different qualities of a Room 4 kid! We have then put our ideas into a Pic Collage. Here is Annabel's and Jock's!


The weather may not be coming to the party but we are still enjoying our first few days of swimming!