Group Writing

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Today we started looking at a creative writing unit. As part of our introduction to the unit, we wrote group stories. (each person writes a sentence then passes the pen on)

Here is an example of what we came up with:
My new friend is a robot and his name is Frank. He likes to help people with jobs. One day he betrayed me by destroying the town. I went to a factory to ask a scientist to re-programme him to be a good robot. Frank rebuilds the town and he builds lots of shops. The next day he went shopping for some new high heels and make up.
(Rylie, Maggie, Olivia, Hannah and Jock)

Sometimes it can be tricky accepting others ideas and where they want the story to go. A very interesting activity!


Isabella said...

That story is really good nice job

Olivia said...

It was difficult because we had to think of a way to continue their sentence.

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