The 2018 school year is now over! We have had so much fun and done some great learning. Thank you to all of Room 6's supporters. We have appreciated the comments on the learning we have done.
This blog is now closed. Please check the school's website for the new Room 6 blog in 2019!

Have a great holiday and enjoy time with friends and family.
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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Today we had a bit of fun doing a photo scavenger hunt. We had to take pictures of 20 different things and then upload them into Pic Collage! We had such fun!

Friday Funday


Our Camp Documentaries

Wheels Day

Scooters, rollerblades, skates, drift trikes and more! What a zoomtastic morning we have had!

Cricket Training

Thanks Cricket Manawatu for coming to run some batting and fielding drills with us! We had so much fun!

Room 6 Camp

Keep checking back here! We are currently working on our camp highlight documentaries!

Wheels day

Small Ball Skills

We have started our small ball skill rotation. Each station helps us get better at different skills. We have the crazy catch, bucket throw, throw/clap/catch, buddy pass, wicket throw, gutter board and bucket toss.

Cross Country

Today we smashed our goals for Cross Country! Thanks to all of the supporters for cheering us on!


We think helicopters are pretty cool!
Thanks Holly and Tommy for winning the prize!


Room 6 did a great job during the Shakeout drill today. We have talked about why it is important to practise these drills regularly.

Pet Day

What a magnificent day we have had for Pet Day today. All of the Room 6 children presented their pets so well. It was a pleasure to talk about the routines you have set up with your animals and how clearly loved they are. Well done everyone! Your leaf wind catchers and bottle flowers were also beautiful!

Camp Info

New Room

We have nearly had a week in our new room and it's looking and feeling great. Swing by and see us next time you're at school!

Friyay Funday!

We had so much fun on Friday! Thanks for organising Room 6!


Room 3 and 4 are well into their dance lessons for the term. We have some real movers and shakers! We are learning lots of different choreographed dances and will have a chance to come up with our own moves soon!

PJ Day!

It may be PJ day but Room 4 isn't sleeping on the job!

Pudding in a Jar

Today, we made pudding in a jar for our science (whipped cream and preserved apples). We were getting better at our observation skills. We had to listen and watch carefully for the change in the cream. We then put a spoonful of our preserved fruit in and stirred it up. 
Food Science = Delicious Experiments

Ice Cream

Today we made ice cream in room 4 to look at different consistencies of liquids and how this changes when frozen. First we had to put ice and salt in a big bag. Next we put milk, vanilla and sugar in a little bag. Finally, we squashed the two bags together. We had to do this for a long time to see some ice crystals form. We got a bit impatient and tried them a bit early. We thought it was really yummy. Next time, we will be a bit more patient so that it has longer freeze. Still it was pretty fun science!

Preserving Apples

Last week, room 4 investigated 3 different ways to preserve apples (make them last longer). One group soaked the apples in lemon juice and then dehydrated them. Another group soaked them in lemon juice, vacuum sealed them and froze them. The last group cooked them in sugar and canned them. It was such a fun afternoon and we learned lots of new life skills, like peeling an apple without the skin breaking.

This afternoon, we tried all 3 of our different samples after they had been stored for almost a week. We decided which ones we like the best and why using our observation senses. 
Who knew science could be so delicious!

Gym Exhibition

We're ready for Friday.......Are you?
See you in the school hall, ready to be amazed, at 1.45!

Chin Up Champs

Well done to Lily who did us very proud on Friday at the chin up champs!

PJ and Hot Choc Day

The Plastic Problem

Last term, we sent letters to Jacinda Ardern to express our worry about single use plastic bags! Look what arrived in the mail this morning!

The Results

We have looked at the results from our experiment earlier in the week. All of our fruit was not edible anymore but some liquids kept them whiter for sure:

  • Lemon juice and orange juice were the best at keeping the fruit the whitest because the green apple and the red apple were whitest with lemon and the banana and potato were the whitest with orange juice. - Sophia
  • Sugar water was the best at keeping the fruit white because it was the whitest in 2 of the 4 samples. Max


Today we dug up our garden full of carrots. We washed and cut them carefully and then had them as a snack before lunch. Yummo!

Fat Mat!

We had so much fun on the fat mat in gym today!

TVNZ Breakfast!

Today Halcombe School had a visit from TVNZ breakfast show as well as Casey Kopua!
All the 51 netball players got to meet Casey and do some awesome drills with her and the
rest of the team. We got bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. Maia and Lily were
interviewed by Matty from TVNZ on the on the morning show, Breakfast. They asked us
why we liked netball at Halcombe School? How old are you? and How exciting it is to
have a famous person like Casey Kopua at our school? We did drills like four corners, cat
and mouse and horse and jockey. The shooters did some practicing with our awesome
new gear. The most exciting thing that happened at netball was when all the 51 netball
kids got a ticket each to go to the ANZ Premiership Final on Sunday night. Thank you
so much ANZ!
By Maia and Lily

Brown Fruit

Today we started an experiment on how to keep banana, potato, green apple and red apple from going brown. We dipped each sample into different liquids to see if they could stop the samples from going brown. We put the samples on a tray in sections of different liquids. We have left our trays out to see what will happen. 

We have made a hypothesis, which is a guess about what we think will happen.

Fraser: I think that the samples dipped in oil will stay the whitest and the sample dipped in nothing will go the brownest.

Daniel: I think the sample dipped in sugar water will go the brownest and the sample dipped in lemon juice will stay the whitest.

Hannah: I think the sample dipped in lemon juice will stay the whitest and the control will go the brownest.

Shelby: I think the sample dipped in vinegar will stay the whitest and the sample dipped in nothing will go the brownest.

Sam: I think the sample dipped in vinegar will stay the whitest and the sample dipped in sugar water will go the brownest.

Tough Kids

Today we had the tough kids. This is the before photo. I can assure you we did not look as beautiful afterwards. 


Today, we were learning about our taste buds. We had 5 mystery liquids to taste. Each one of them made a different zone of our tongue react. The 5 zones are sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami.

Liquid 1 was salt water that made the front sides of our tongue react. (SALTY)
Liquid 2 was sugar water that made the front part of our tongue react. (SWEET)
Liquid 3 was lemon juice that made the back sides of our tongue react. (SOUR)
Liquid 4 was soy sauce which made the middle part of our tongue react. (UMAMI)
Liquid 5 was coffee which made the back of our tongue react. (BITTER)

We also learned that when we hold our nose it makes the tastes weaker.

Wednesday Sport

Wednesday sport looks a bit different this term in preparation for our inter school events that are coming up. Room 4 had students training in rugby, netball, soccer, and even some cheer leading!


Today we started our gym lessons. Thanks to our fab parents who came to help. We were a bit rusty today but it was good to get back into it. We will have our lessons on Mondays and Thursdays until week 6. Make sure you come along to our gym display on the 24th August!


As part of our strand work this term we have been learning about coordinates. We have followed a set of coordinates to find mystery pictures. This week, we have created our own set of coordinates for a buddy to follow. Today we shared them. We were so impressed that most of our buddies found our mystery pictures.

Taking Action

As part of our learning about the plastic problem. We decided to make a positive impact in our community. This afternoon Room 7 and Room 4 took to the streets of Halcombe to pick up as much rubbish as we could. This was a very eye opening experience as we collected 20 supermarket bags. We now know that we have done our part to stop this pollution going in to our waterways and damaging our environment any more.

Making Plastic

Today we carried out a science experiment. As we have been learning about plastic, we wanted to see if we could make it. We learned that the 'original' plastic was called casein plastic and made from a protein found in milk. We had lots of fun and hope our 'plastic' creations turn out pretty good.


Making Kites

On Friday, Room 7 joined us to make kites to help celebrate Matariki. We had a lot of fun helping our little buddies create and then fly them around the field.

Disco Time!

Using Evidence

This morning we looked at the science capability of using evidence. We had to look at different statements and decide if we agree or disagree with it. After that, we had to find evidence from the information that Miss Main gave us to back up our opinions.

This afternoon, we came up with our own statements about what we think based on the evidence and have made Pic Collages to share what we think and why.