Cyber Safety

Today Constable Sarah came in to talk to us about being safe on the internet. We learned so much about the dos and don'ts of the world wide web. Here are some of things we learned today:

  • Tell your parents or teacher if you see something you don't like on the screen. (Emily)
  • Don't say mean things to other people on your devices. (Sarah)
  • Don't post things of other people without their permission. (Lily D)
  • Don't talk to people you have never met online. (Maia)
  • Don't go on apps that are over your age. (Daniel)
  • Make sure you don't have Facebook, use your parents account. (Sam)
  • Don't join in a help others bully by sharing mean things. (Lily S)
  • Don't download things without telling your parents. (Lucy)
  • If you see anyone being bullied online, tell an adult. (Jayda)
  • Don't share your passwords. (Jesse)
  • Get your parents to check new apps first. (Jordan)
  • Don't give out any personal information. (Sophia)
  • Use the 'grandma' rule when you post. (Isabella L)
  • Make sure an adult is supervising you when you are using Snapchat. (Shelby)
  • You have to be 18 to have a YouTube channel. (Jayden)
  • Check the age for each website and app before you make an account. (Miss Main)


Today during our swimming lessons, we were practicing what to do if we get into trouble in the water. The most important thing was not to panic!

Girls Football and Boys Swimming

While the girls were having their football lesson, the boys from rooms 2, 3 and 4 had great fun in the pool making giant whirlpools! 
While the boys were mucking about in the pool, the girls from rooms 2, 3 and 4 were learning some new football skills with Jess from Central Football. 

Independent Learning in Maths

During maths time, we have lots of different things we can do when we are not in a workshop or doing our follow up activities. These photos show we are experts at managing ourselves when we work independently!

Sport Survey

Image result for sport manawatu
Sport Manawatu has asked us to take part in a survey about how you feel about physical activity. Physical Activity isn't just sport that you play with a club or team. It also includes active things that you do by yourself or with friends or family, things like shooting hoops or playing cricket in the backyard.

Please click the image above to complete it.

How to be a AAA Kid!

2018 House Captains

Spider Day

Buddy Swim

Today we were joined in the pool by our buddy class, Room 7! We had lots of fun helping them to build their water confidence!

Camp Day 1

We have had a great first day at camp! We have learned about growth mindset, played games, had a swim, had burgers for tea and even a Milo before bed.

Kai Iwi

We had a great time at the beach. We learned lots about life at the beach and erosion on the coast. Miss Main set us a challenge of making boats out of what we could find on the beach. Then we floated them down the stream to see if they could reach the ocean. It was awesome to have a picnic with the whole school and then challenge ourselves on some of the exciting equipment on the playground. All in all a great day! Thanks to the parents and supporters who make these adventures possible!

We are Cool Cats

This week we have been looking at being Cool Cats!
In Room 4 we.....
C - Communicate using kind words and actions!
A - Follow Adult instructions first time!
T - Treat people, places and property with respect!
S - Stay in our spot and keep all objects to ourselves!

We have made Pic Collages to show us showing these values!