Wheels Day

Even though the weather didn't quite do what we wanted it to, we still had a great time zooming around the school! Thanks Student Council!

What plastic?

Yesterday we looked at the properties of different plastics to identify what types they are. Today we brought our own plastic and tested them to work out what type of plastic they are. We were definitely getting better at gathering and interpreting data!

New Swing

Today the final part of the playground was put into place! We had lots of fun playing on the new swing!

Wheels Day is Coming!

Te Reo Kori

Yesterday we had a great time trying new things with the mau rakau. It was a struggle to get everyone listening and moving at the right time in the right direction but we got there in the end! 

Grouping/Classifying Things

On our science table this week, we have lots of different plastics to group. This morning, Emily and Sarah grouped them into reusable and disposable plastics. Jayda grouped them into different sizes. This activity helps us to develop the science capability of Gathering and Interpreting data.

Emily and Sarah:


Te Reo Kori

Today we made the most of the sunshine and worked on our rakau outside. Even after 30 minutes we are a lot better at throwing and catching with our buddies!