Today, we were learning about our taste buds. We had 5 mystery liquids to taste. Each one of them made a different zone of our tongue react. The 5 zones are sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami.

Liquid 1 was salt water that made the front sides of our tongue react. (SALTY)
Liquid 2 was sugar water that made the front part of our tongue react. (SWEET)
Liquid 3 was lemon juice that made the back sides of our tongue react. (SOUR)
Liquid 4 was soy sauce which made the middle part of our tongue react. (UMAMI)
Liquid 5 was coffee which made the back of our tongue react. (BITTER)

We also learned that when we hold our nose it makes the tastes weaker.

Wednesday Sport

Wednesday sport looks a bit different this term in preparation for our inter school events that are coming up. Room 4 had students training in rugby, netball, soccer, and even some cheer leading!


Today we started our gym lessons. Thanks to our fab parents who came to help. We were a bit rusty today but it was good to get back into it. We will have our lessons on Mondays and Thursdays until week 6. Make sure you come along to our gym display on the 24th August!


As part of our strand work this term we have been learning about coordinates. We have followed a set of coordinates to find mystery pictures. This week, we have created our own set of coordinates for a buddy to follow. Today we shared them. We were so impressed that most of our buddies found our mystery pictures.

Taking Action

As part of our learning about the plastic problem. We decided to make a positive impact in our community. This afternoon Room 7 and Room 4 took to the streets of Halcombe to pick up as much rubbish as we could. This was a very eye opening experience as we collected 20 supermarket bags. We now know that we have done our part to stop this pollution going in to our waterways and damaging our environment any more.

Making Plastic

Today we carried out a science experiment. As we have been learning about plastic, we wanted to see if we could make it. We learned that the 'original' plastic was called casein plastic and made from a protein found in milk. We had lots of fun and hope our 'plastic' creations turn out pretty good.