Pudding in a Jar

Today, we made pudding in a jar for our science (whipped cream and preserved apples). We were getting better at our observation skills. We had to listen and watch carefully for the change in the cream. We then put a spoonful of our preserved fruit in and stirred it up. 
Food Science = Delicious Experiments


Sarah said...

So far thats my best!!

Jesse's mum said...

You were just too quick for me I was hoping you would still be having it when I came to get Jesse so I could give it a try bother, it sounded so yummy too

Isabella L said...

Right back at you Sarah!!!
That home made whipped cream was soooooo delicious.
Thank you Miss Main!

Anna said...

Mmmmm. that looks so delicious. I wish I was in your class.

Unknown said...

It was my favorite desert last term because i always have whipped cream in everything and so as apples 9;

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