TVNZ Breakfast!

Today Halcombe School had a visit from TVNZ breakfast show as well as Casey Kopua!
All the 51 netball players got to meet Casey and do some awesome drills with her and the
rest of the team. We got bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. Maia and Lily were
interviewed by Matty from TVNZ on the on the morning show, Breakfast. They asked us
why we liked netball at Halcombe School? How old are you? and How exciting it is to
have a famous person like Casey Kopua at our school? We did drills like four corners, cat
and mouse and horse and jockey. The shooters did some practicing with our awesome
new gear. The most exciting thing that happened at netball was when all the 51 netball
kids got a ticket each to go to the ANZ Premiership Final on Sunday night. Thank you
so much ANZ!
By Maia and Lily


Jesse's mum said...

That is so awesome

Angus Waugh said...

I saw the netball girls on the breakfast show on tv 1

Sarah said...

That was the best prize ever thanks ANZ! The game was amazing but we lost by 1 in like 10 seconds and the score was 23 24 to the Stell! But still all had fun!!!

Lily.D said...

That was the best prize ever thank you so much ANZ!

Hannah said...

It looked like you had fun being on tvnz 1. It looked like you liked the prize that you won. I wished I was on tvnz 1.

Lucy said...

Thank you so much ANZ for the cool prizes we got. It was such a bummer that the pulse lost by one point, it was still so fun.

Jayden said...

wow it looks like you had fun because you have big smiles on your faces.

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